• Explore

    • Get up and interact with your display
    • Stand to play active video games, sit to watch movies, exercise in any position
    • Effortlessly move the screen to multiple positions with only a light touch
    • Retract the display to save space when not in use
  • Full Motion Adjustment

    The PLAY40 and PLAY70 feature an incredible 20" / 508 mm of vertical adjustment, enough to accommodate the viewing heights of any audience, whether sitting or standing. The PLAY70 extends up to 28" / 711 mm (24"/61cm for PLAY40) from wall when in use and retracts to 6.5" (165mm) when not in use. Integrated patented Constant Force™ technology enables light-touch adjustments in every direction.
  • Cable Management

    Cable management clips on the underside of the arm route and hide wires. Also includes cable wrap to neatly gather cords into a single bundle.
  • Gravity Pivot with Lock-Down Knob

    The PLAY40 / PLAY70 gravity pivot enables easy tilting (20°) with just a touch. Optionally, to fix the tilt position of the display in place, use the convenient lock-down knob.
  • Screen Leveling Rotation

    Level the screen at any position in its range of motion with +/- 5° of post-installation rotation. Like all other adjustments, it is effortless and tool-less.
  • Extension and Retraction

    The PLAY70 can extend the display up to 28" / 711 mm (24"/61cm for PLAY40) from the wall when in use and can be fully retracted to within 6.5" / 165 mm when not in use. (Measured to back of display.)
  • Animation

    The PLAY40 and PLAY70 move your TV to wherever it is needed, for different audiences and uses. When not in use, just fold the display back against the wall, out of the way.
  • LS Image 1

    Patented Constant Force™ technology enables light-touch adjustments. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. Provides smooth, continuous vertical and horizontal movement of the TV/display in all directions.
  • LS Image 2

    With 20 inches / 51 cm of vertical adjustment, the screen can be placed at a low level, perfect for viewing exercise or yoga programming.
  • LS Image 3

    The PLAY40 and PLAY70 make gaming that much more compelling when used with motion-sensing game systems, such as the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Kinect. Active TV programming is enhanced with precise placement of the screen.
  • LS Image 4

    Watch the game or a movie in comfort. The PLAY40 and PLAY70 place the screen in the position you want, whether sitting or standing.
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