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A Testing Regimen Developed for Customer Satisfaction

Our products undergo a testing regimen that establishes the benchmark and exceeds the industry’s most rigid testing expectations. OmniMount strives to provide the highest levels of trouble-free field performance and unsurpassed product longevity, delivering peace of mind to both resellers and customers.

Research & Development Design Verification Quality Control
New Lift Technology
New Product Concepts
Advanced Materials
Verification of Performance
Reliability and Cycle Counts
Robustness and Safety
Stability Tip Tests
Shipping/Packaging Tests
In-Process Quality Control
Finished Good Quality Control
Outgoing Quality Control Audits
Reliability and Safety Tests
Research and Development Design Verification Quality Control

What is Unique About OmniMount / Ergotron Products?

The Goal

5 stars

Five-star ratings in customer satisfaction

  • Up to 7,500-cycle test applied to height-adjustable mechanisms, ensuring years of trouble-free height adjustment; all product functions are endurance tested to expected life of the product
  • 100% functional test for every product
  • Cycle testing performed on sample basis per product reliability criteria
  • Common laboratory capabilities in USA and China
  • Our factory has voluntarily adhered to the Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), ensuring the proper treatment of our employees
  • Factory OHSAS 18001:1999 certification
  • Quality control: Includes Source Inspection (Quality-at-the-Source) and Incoming Inspection. All requirements are fully documented and controlled, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of production from beginning to end
  • Load Testing: 4x load test (meets or exceeds UL requirements) ensures product safety for the rigors of public use
  • Environmental Certifications: RoHS compliance for all products since 2011, which includes a detailed compliance system of routine product testing—(RoHS tester at China manufacturing facility adds extra assurance that products are free of harmful substances like lead and mercury); WEEE compliance for powered products; Reach compliant

Cycle Motion Tests

10K cycle tested

To ensure the utmost confidence in our designs, OmniMount / Ergotron performs a rigorous test where height-adjustable products are subjected to continued lift/lower motion over thousands of cycles.

Each cycle equates to moving a lift-engine from its lowest position to its highest position and then back again. So when a product passes a 7,500-cycle test, it has been physically moved up and down 7,500 times!

What does this mean? In the case of the PLAY25, for example, to reach 7,500 cycles a user would need to move their TV through the arm’s full height range over four times a day over a five-year period. That is unlikely to happen, but we always err on the side of safety.

OmniMount / Ergotron EIC Certification

OmniMount, an award-winning brand of Ergotron, Inc., has made a commitment to supporting and adhering to the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) for its worldwide operation facilities. As a result of our efforts, Ergotron / OmniMount has attained EICC certification. The EICC defines standards that ensure working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. This certification demonstrates our commitment to employing best-practice procedures in our facilities.

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