Constant Force™ (CF) Technology by Ergotron

Constant Force Technology

More Motion. Less Effort. Feel the Difference.

Don’t just sit and watch your TV—get up and interact with it! With horizontal and vertical movement, CF™ technology allows you to interact with your TV when watching movies, gaming, exercising and more.

Experience viewing comfort powered by patented CF™ Technology. Easily position your TV exactly where you need it. No matter which way you lift, tilt or turn your TV, the effort remains very small.

LX Lift Stand

OmniMount's Interactive Category of TV
mounts are equipped with Ergotron’s patented
Constant Force™ technology, providing fluid, light-touch adjustments for effortless positioning.

Ergotron. Technology. Built in.

“CF™ technology is the culmination of many years of intense engineering development and understanding our customers’ needs,” said Ergotron’s late founder, Harry Sweere, when CF™ Technology was first introduced.

CF™-based products handle a wide range of TV weights—a CF™ mount’s capacity can be modified by the simple twist of a screw. Once properly tensioned, changing the position of the TV is so easy, even young children can perform the task safely.

Easily move your TV with a light touch

Patented Constant Force™ technology enables light-touch adjustments, and provides smooth, continuous movement of the TV/display in all directions.

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